6 Essential Trends Every Promo Staff Agency Needs


In a competitive industry, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and make sure promo staff agencies are getting the most out of available tech and social media.   Here are our  6 essentials for any promo staff agency….

1.Take advantage of Facebook

Facebook, like any other platform can prove to be an exceptional marketing tool – or a total waste of time.  Brands that are smashing it on facebook are those that adopt the 3 P’s and use them specifically to build culture and community.


Make it personal.  Introduce your followers to the people who make your company tick, this includes employees, customers and partners.  Use facebook to create a culture and to communicate what that culture is.  Use photos of employees enjoying their work & having fun, include stories & interviews, welcome new members, and include photos of customers, or events.  Start the conversation by asking a question your followers can give an opinion on.
Make sure everything your post has a purpose – and that purpose should be to give your followers relevant information. Things like industry tips, tricks & tutorials, or questions, opinions or quotes related to your niche area.  Share news or content from your industry.  Communicating with followers on a personal & purposeful level helps build relationships.  It also helps you get to know your community so you can better understand what content they’ll find valuable in the future.
No one wants to feel bombarded, so if you establish Personal and Purpose, the promotion will come naturally, you will already be in the forefront of your follower’s minds.  Trust has been established and they will view your facebook page and any posts that arise, as an area of expertise, not a marketplace.

2. Create an Ambassador Portal for your promo staff

Making use of an ambassador portal to improve your communication with ambassadors or temporary staff, will establish a more professional, successful and symbiotic relationship. High-quality brand ambassadors, promo staff, temp event staff and crew all prefer to work with agencies that utilise an ambassador portal – its professional, makes their lives easier thus, making them feel valued.  Promotional Staffing software, like Liveforce’s dedicated crew app can be used to recruit, schedule, book and pay temp staff.  This saves agencies time and money whilst delivering a professional service to their ambassadors. Software like Liveforce that have dedicate talent logins, means the process of recruiting and scheduling is easy, flexible and transparent.

3. Email Communication – Less is More

Succinct, relevant, interesting, entertaining information.  That’s what the people want, not to be bombarded as we are already in our lives.  We don’t want to spend hours going through our inboxes trying to find that one piece of relevant information – that is the path to the delete – or even worse –  unsubscribe, button.   E-mail still has its place as it allows for more in-depth communication and can be easily forwarded, and sent to numerous people at once. But, that’s only going to happen to relevant information!

4. Show a strong culture on your website

Beyond the logo, tagline and call to action, make your website an extension of your agency culture.  Your brand ambassadors and clients want to feel like they are part of something bigger, something unique, cutting edge and exciting.  Your website should demonstrate this.

5. Engage your Talent

Brand ambassadors are your number one asset, they are more than just staff.  The quality of a brand ambassador can make or break a campaign.  They embody the brand and are your connection to audience and customers.  Your staff should believe in the brand and products and receive full training.   They should be committed to achieving your company’s goals and an active part of the culture. They must share the values, possess necessary flexible and transferable skills, that can bring the brand to life. Value your brand ambassadors and they will be your best ROI.

6. Share your wisdom

Share, communicate, collaborate.  While you don’t want to broadcast all your secrets, sharing some insider knowledge now and then is a great way to demonstrate your credibility and leadership.  A fun document outlining best practices can give your talent a boost and help with their professional development. You can also use your contacts to conduct interviews, and start a conversation, which if posted on Facebook, will encourage more communication.  Polls are also a great way to share ideas and gain popular opinion, whilst cultivating organic engagement. A win-win!photo credit: h.koppdelaney <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/16230215@N08/8167228005" data-lazy-src=