Top 10 suppliers helping reduce risk of Covid-19 at events


Although no one really can say for sure when the wheels will start to turn again – it felt like a productive use of time to start researching which event suppliers would be best equipped to help deliver events in the aftermath of Covid-19. Here’s our top 10 pick…

#1 Thermal Image Temperature Screening from Noba

With the majority of people failing to realise they have been infected with Covid-19 virus, thermal screening will undoubtedly be a great way of identifying guests at risk.

Speaking with Gary at Noba I was quickly blown away by the possibilities. The example that stood out most was their speed lane solution. A system that can simultaneously use facial recognition to check the delegates have actually registered and a thermal scan to check for signs of fever. If the delegate passes both checks then the speed lane opens and allows the guest to enter the venue. Gary went on to add that the system could be configured to detect if the guest was wearing a face mask or not. Useful if attendance at the event requires guests to use one.

reduce risk of covid-19 at events

Taken directly from their website Noba describes the solution as:

“Noba’s thermal camera body temperature solutions are capable of highly accurate temperature measurement, to within ±0.3 °C. The built in AI algorithm enables multi person, contactless measurement of up to 3 meters and with over 95% accuracy for face mask detection, offering guests and staff complete confidence”.

For more info check out:

#2 Branded sanitation units from Disinfect

In a recent poll 67% of Brits said they would feel uncomfortable about going to public gatherings after the lockdown is lifted. Disinfect are looking to help reduce people’s concerns by providing on-site sanitisation units and in their own words “helping to speed up the time for us to be together again”.


The units come in a full range of sizes and can even be custom built to suit any size of event. They also present an interesting sponsorship opportunity as they can be fully branded.

For more info:

#3 Monitor Capacity and control numbers onsite with we Are Insite

When events do start to occur again it’s likely the number of guests attending will be restricted. This is how they’ve started to roll out in other countries, so the UK will likely follow suit.

With this in mind it’s more than important than ever to have rock solid systems in place to have an overview of exactly how many guests you have on-site at anyone time.

Whilst I’m sure they’ll be a surge of new apps and products appearing over the coming months looking to solve this problem, you may want to use a long standing supplier within this space.


Check out:

#4 Use Duelbox for Team Building and icebreakers that allow delegates to use their own devices

Having previously worked within corporate team building I knew Covid-19 would present challenges to providing the more traditional team building activities for delegates to participate in. Mostly because they involve sharing equipment and at times human contact. Both of which are off the cards for now.

However, racking my brains I remember coming across Duelbox at Event Tech Live in 2019.


Duelbox is a cloud-based competition platform for education, team building, and events. The best thing is that delegates use their own devices, without the need to download anything. With a whole host of digital activities to choose from there’s definitely something for everyone.

My favourite was their “Roll-a-ball” game which allowed upto 1000 delegates to compete as 2 teams of 500 in collaboratively steering a ball through an obstacle course as quickly as possible.

With pricing that won’t break the budget this could definitely be a source of entertainment to lighten the mood. For more info and to claim their very generous Covid-19 offer:

#5 Communicate clearly with digital signage from eventIgnite

Having attended events where this tech has been utilised I can personally vouch that it certainly added value to my experience.  Along with all the usual benefits of using digital signage on events, with Covid-19 in mind I’d imagine this solution would prove effective in reminding delegates about the precautionary measures to take, eg. washing hands, and keeping distance.


For more info:

#6 Keep the element of fun with some creative catering from Lick me I’m delicious

Whilst budgets may be squeezed in the aftermath of Covid-19 and clients look to only have the bare essentials at events, I’d recommend checking out Lick Me I’m Delicious  for that extra element of creativity to engage and stimulate event attendees.

I’ve seen them at a few events now and have always been impressed by the buzz their installations generate. Having recently spoken with Rhys at Lick Me I’m Delicious it came as no surprise they were already proactively preparing to comply with any guidelines the government recommend in regard to food service at events.

If I had to pick just one of their incredible event inventions I’d go with their “Nitro Ice Cream Parlour”.

Check out this one and many more here:


 #7 Use Streeem to give guests the option to watch from home

With the recent survey in mind that indicated 67% of Brits would feel uncomfortable about going to public gatherings after the lockdown is lifted, live-streaming will become an increasingly important part of any event.

Whilst there’s a wide range of traditional suppliers to choose from – I’d recommend checking out  Streeem. They’ve approached live streaming in a revolutionary way by exclusively using iPhones to deliver their service.

In addition to the obvious advantages that their approach offers, like reduced costs, space saving, being more portable, one less obvious advantage was the attendees response to being filmed by an iPhone instead of by a cameraman with a big bulky camera on their shoulder. I know which one I’d prefer.

For more good reasons to use Streeem check out:

top 10 suppliers reducing the risk of covid-19 at events

#8 Use SE Medical to give event attendees peace of mind

With the likelihood increasing that event attendees may need medical assistance on events (or just want reassurance that  event organisers are prepared) it’s worth prioritising budget to having professionally trained event medical staff on-site.

One that comes highly recommended by many is SE Medical:

suppliers helping reduce risk of covid-19 at events

#9 Allow event attendees to queue… digitally with OrderX

To eliminate the need for guests to stand in physical queues OrderX have recently launched their Smart Queue Solution. A web based solution that allows guests to register themselves in the queue using their smartphones. After receiving SMS confirmation that they have a spot, they  can then easily track online to see when it’s their turn.

With strict policies likely to be put in place in regard to capacity at events and the continuation of social distancing, this one could prove extremely useful at things like pop-up events and branded experiences.

For more info check out:

#10 If you do need guests to queue make sure you’ve got someone like yahire on speed dial

As demand increases for everything “queue” related – it may be worth reaching out to a few suppliers of these services to ensure you’re never left short. Yahire is one worth building a relationship with.


From bar caddy hire to banquet chairs and everything in between:

Whilst it may seem premature reaching out to suppliers without a specific brief, everyone I spoke with would welcome the opportunity to chat about what they can offer. If there was ever a time to get your black book of suppliers updated – then I’d say that time is now.

If you feel there’s any suppliers that should be included in this guide please don’t hesitate to comment below or let us know.