3 emerging trends in the promotional staffing sector


hastee pay app for promo staff


As more choose on-demand work as their primary source of income, it’s increasingly important that they can access their wages when they require them.

We met Hasteepay to learn more about the service they were offering and how it was helping support on-demand workers. From their own website Hasteepay describes itself as:

“Hastee Pay is an award-winning employee benefit that companies can offer to their workforce, which empowers employees to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately to increase their choice and financial wellbeing.”

Admittedly we were sceptical walking into the meeting. Having access to your wages at any time could spell disaster at the end of the month when there were still bills to pay.

Our scepticism was quickly turned to admiration as they walked us through how people were actually using the service. Their data proving that very few people were using the service as we’d first feared!

Automation , AI and Machine Learning

emerging trends for promo staffing industry

More and more agencies are seeing the benefits of automating processes previously managed in a very manual way. The time saved allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Liveforce has already automated some of the basic processes which admins can easily track in the status page: eg

However AI technology and machine can do so much more. We were keen to learn more.

We met up with Alexander Leirvåg (a machine learning expert) to explore how AI could help replace other manual tasks.

Following a short demo of our platform we could almost hear his brain go into overdrive with ideas:

He excitedly explained:

“Imagine if you could create a job, the number of people needed, set the requirements and budget available then leave the rest to AI to find and book the most suitable people to the most cost effective price!”

He went on to explain that through machine learning AI could help complete more time consuming tasks. To name a few:  

  • Automatically providing answers to questions crew send in through the messenger app
  • Managing cancellations from crew – by finding a replacement in the database, confirming the booking and notifying admins of the changes
  • Helping process  expense claims by checking receipts match totals and then either approving / declining
  • Running the payroll  

We were impressed. It sounded like the potential to automation was almost limitless!

We’ll keep you posted on how our experiments go with exploring AI and machine learning.

Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

Integration tool kit promo staffing industry
Cyclr.com – SaaS Integration Toolkit for SaaS Companies

At an event last year we met the CTO of a very successful SaaS company. He offered some clear advice about how to succeed in the SaaS world.

Three simple yet powerful words. “set the pace.”

To succeed he advised we´d need to really understand where the industry was heading.

This way we could develop Liveforce to help customers solve these challenges before they even realised they were a problem.

He was also very clear that copying competitors or just spitting out more and more features was definitely a recipe for failure.

The best advice was not trying to build everything ourselves.

Integration moving forward would be absolute key.

Acting on this advice we have started the process of integrating with www.cyclr.com.

This will allow our clients to connect the other tools they are already using seamlessly with Liveforce .

Eg Syncing data easily between Liveforce , their preferred quotation tool, crm tool,  project management tool, calendar and accountancy software.

Interested in hearing more about our plans for these 3 trends? Want to explore how Liveforce could help you manage your temporary workforce?

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