The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

Recovery report (March 2021)

In light of the announcement in February, we surveyed event staffing agencies and event freelancers to get their opinion on where the land lies and what the past year has been like for them. It’s also a unique opportunity to see where your event staffing agency stands in comparison to the competition.

How the latest roadmap and budget will impact the events industry

Uk festivals to go ahead summer 20021

We look at how the live events industry has responded to the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, and what the spring budget means for the industry.

A Ray of Hope for Event and Promo Staffing Agencies

The news we have been waiting for is here. Events are finally beginning to happen again across the UK. It’s slow, it’s steady but things are beginning to move forward – the storm is beginning to break!

Covid-19 Training and Resources for Event and Promo Staffing Agencies

A round-up of Covid-19 back to work training and advice for event and promo staffing agencies

How to start forecasting event sales now!

Gives event staffing agencies 5 top tips on how to start forecasting their sales. Includes a free forecast template to get started.

Top 10 suppliers that can help reduce the risk of Covid-19 at events

List of 10 suppliers that can help reduce the risk of covid-19 at events.

How to deliver events in the aftermath of covid-19

Summary of discussion with Mark Bannister about an on-line forum he´s created to help event professionals navigate the aftermath of Covid-19 at events.

How a chat about CRAP helped get the events industry moving again

What considerations need to be taken when running an event in relation to COVID-19?

5 Top Tips for Event Industry Downtime

In order to be positive, face forward and get ready for the uplift there are things you can do to feel more in control and get back in the drivers seat. We’ve put together our 5 Top Tips to get your event staffing company ready for the boom that is to come.

Our 2020 Event Industry Predictions & Trends

We took a look into our crystal ball to predict what trends the events industry may see this year!Think sustainability, wearable tech and automation.

3 emerging trends in the promotional staffing sector

See how Liveforce is preparing for 3 emerging trends in the promotional staffing sector and how they may help you better manage your temporary workforce.

UK Event Industry statistics factsheet

We’ve put together some bitesized UK event industry statistics and figures to help understand the size of the industry.

What makes star Brand Ambassadors

Discover what makes for the ideal brand ambassador. Go beyond vanity metrics and understand who you should approach and bring on board. Read more.

Experiential Marketing Guide: Avoid These Mistakes

Experiential Marketing Guide: Avoid These Mistakes